Organize your friends based on how you know them.

Quickly see all of your HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS... or all of your COWORKERS on one page.

View News Feeds from specific groups of friends.

On one News Feed, see what all of your LOCAL friends are up to for the weekend.

Share photos with a list of people instead of everyone.

Share your recent vacation photos with close friends rather than co-workers.


Locate your list section on your homepage.

From here you can view a specific list.
OR click the “More” link to view all.


In your lists you can edit lists or create new ones.

From here you can edit a specific list that you’ve previously created.

Or click here to create a new list from scratch.


From your new blank page you can Add Friends.

You can click the link here.

Or click here to create a new list from scratch.


In a popup box you can mark the friends for that list.

If you have hundreds of friends, this task will become very tedious.


You need to be signed into your Facebook account.

Then, you need to use the Friendlist Manager application to create lists.

Here's the link...  


clearly label each step as you interact with the app.

Have you ever created a list before?

If you haven't, you can skip STEP 1

Step 1

We will pull up all lists that you have previously created.

You can edit your lists right here and then click "Update" to commit your changes.

Existing Lists

We will propose new additions to your existing lists.

Names in red are possible additions. They were generated by analyzing the similarity with existing list members.

Edit & Save

your existing lists.

Once you finish editing a list, and agree with the new additions, you simply click the "update list" button to add them into what you currently have.

To view friends who are already included on a particular list, click the “Current List” tab here.

You can easily click any of the minus signs to delete a person from your list.

New Lists

We fill your screen up with a bunch of new list suggestions.

These suggestions were generated comparing similarities that we’ve drawn from you and your friends.

Name It

You give them whatever name you like.

Edit Lists

Once your lists are created, you can edit them.

1. You can delete individual friends.
2. You can merge lists together.
3. You can delete lists.

Save Lists

Once you finish editing a list, you simply click the "create list" button to save the list.

Friendlist Manager

analyzes the connections between your friends and identifies candidate groups





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